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For instance, if you have DUI on your record and you are attempting to obtain a position that requires driving – for instance, a delivery driver, truck driver, or bus driver – you may run into some roadblocks with potential employers. As well, any position that involves dealing with children may preclude individuals with DUIs.

This record could affect your future life in many ways, such as when applying for jobs, or for a license, or even getting some forms of financial aid. A DUI conviction in your background record is a potential reason for potential employers to deny employment. DUI Conviction and Criminal Record Mar 20, 2016 · Unlike most other states, in New Jersey, a DUI does not leave you with a criminal record. Instead, the record of your DUI will appear on your driving abstract, and it will stay there forever. How a DUI conviction in the past affects a current or future charge has to do with the length of time between DUIs. Aug 12, 2011 · Within my Practice as a DUI and Criminal Lawyer, I am often asked by someone facing a DUI how long it will stay on their Record, or if the can come back later and have it Expunged. The bad news is that a DUI will stay on a person’s Record forever, and it can NEVER “come off.” The conviction is still a 'prior' or 'strike' for purposes of repeat offenses with the courts and DMV. Expungement will help in obtaining employment. When applying for a job in the PRIVATE sector, in response to any question concerning your prior criminal record, you may ‘legally’ deny that you were arrested or convicted of the offense.

joining the LAPD after DUI on record 01-14-2008, 04:03 PM heres the story. a year and a half ago i got pulled over after having a couple of beers and got a DUI on my record,i am 27 and have nothing else, not even a juvenile record. Jun 13, 2010 · Can DUI affect next job application moleman Posted on 06/13/2010 10:59:12 AM PDT by Moleman. Hello all, Friday I was "downsized" from my position in Sales for an automotive supplier. I have a few leads that I feel I am well qualified for. My concern is a ercent drinking and driving conviction. Was a first time offense but still an offense. The Clerk And Recorder is an elected county official established by the Constitution of Montana. Statutory authority establishes the duties as providing the primary administrative function for recording and maintaining the majority of all the legal documents relating to real estate records, land descriptions, county birth and death records and the records of the Board of County Commissioners. Jan 21, 2014 · Job applications: While some states don't allow employers to ask about arrests and convictions on job applications, most do. Plus, your DUI will appear in public records and on your driver's ... Do I have to list a DUI on a Job Application? If you have been arrested for DUI and you are applying for a job one of the most common questions is do you have to list your DUI on your job application. This question can be complicated and it may depend on the specifics of your situation, but there are a few things to consider before listing it.