1 indanone molecular formula

1-Indanone is the organic compound with the formula C 6 H 4 (CH 2) 2 CO. It is one of two isomeric benzocyclopentanones, the other being 2-indanone. It is a colorless solid. 1-Indanone is a substrate for the enzyme indanol dehydrogenase. Preparation. It is prepared by oxidation of indane or indene.

1-Indanone Revision Date 26-Jan-2018 Carbon monoxide (CO) Carbon dioxide (CO2) Protective Equipment and Precautions for Firefighters As in any fire, wear self-contained breathing apparatus pressure-demand, MSHA/NIOSH (approved or equivalent) and full Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Ethyl-1-Indanone, 22351-56-0. Jump to main content Jump to site nav. ... Compounds with the same molecular ...

5-Bromo-1-indanone is a 1-indanone derivative. Its physical properties like density, freezing point and refractive index have been determined. It participates in the synthesis of the imidazolyl and triazolyl substituted biphenyl compounds.

chemBlink provides information about CAS # 83-33-0, 1-Indanone, 2,3-Dihydro-1H-inden-1-one, molecular formula: C9H8O. MSDS for (1-Indanone) MSDS Name 1-Indanone Section 1 - Chemical Product and Company Identification Catalog Numbers 470187 Synonyms α-Hydrindone Company Identification J&K SCIENTIFIC LTD. 18AEF, Building-D, Majestic Garden 6 Bei-Si-Huan-Zhong Road Beijing China 100029 For information, call North America: (435)-753-1901